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Fool’s Treasure RELEASE

We, at Hurricane Rock Studios, are proud to announce the release of:

Title of game

Link to game here:


The development process was tough but we were able to work on the game diligently to produce the game on time. After not being able to come up with a permanent design of the game with revisions after revisions, we sat together and planned out the whole game. we tirelessly worked on the game for story, artwork, sounds, and programming. If we were to do anything different, we would attempt to design a proper MVP earlier in the design process.

Thank You

We thank the community for their support for our game these past few weeks. We appreciate all the feedback that comes into these blogs. Although we don’t reply to all of them, we still read the comments. We would like to thank our testers for testing our game with their feedback on game-play, user experience, and any bugs found in the game. (And there were a ton of bugs) Finally we would like to thank Professor deWinter and Kate Olguin for helping us start our studio and keeping us in the game development process. Thank you and please enjoy our game


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  1. Im glad to hear everything went well in the end! Overall, I am most excited to see how your game turned out. I can’t wait to check it out!


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