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Final Story Draft

Oct. 2 2019

Final draft is coming along! For are original draft of the intro it was very linear and lackluster on details, however we have now expanded upon it a great deal.

Our first major change is that we have added a puzzle for you to solve to prove yourself worthy of adventure. Captain Silver now has an actual reason to choose you for this adventure instead of just choosing you randomly. The conversation with Silver has also been re-vamped to be more personal and makes Captain Silver feel more like a real person. The characters background has also been detailed to make his ideals and goals more tangible. Our game comes out very soon so I hope you are all as excited as our team at HurricaneRock studios as we finally approach the release of our first Game


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  1. It sounds like you added a lot of backstory to your game in the latest update. I know our game originally had much more backstory but it was boring for 75% of people who played it. I’m sure that this will show up in testing but I would definitely be careful about how it is presented. Maybe try making it optional in some way? Either way I’m very excited to see how the game turns out!


  2. Are you trying anything new to convey this backstory. We found in our game it was very hard to tell alot of backstory to the player without boring them. I’m exited to see what you did.


  3. Captain Silver sounds like an interesting character with a lot of effort put in! I’m assuming that interacting with him is the main focus of your game, and considering how expansive seafaring can be as inspiration to draw ideas from, I have no doubt you’ll have a lot of delightful interactions with him. Will there be an overarching quest the two of you are on, or will this largely be about interacting with the Captain?


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